4 Easy Steps To Eating A Triceratops Like A Gentleman

Even Tyrannosaurus Rex has rules of etiquette.

1. Grab The Deceased* Triceratops Firmly By The Frill.

*Please do not question how the Triceratops met its end.

The folks over at Nature put together a step-by-step guide to eating a Triceratops. Now when you time travel, at least you’ll know the proper cultural norms.

Hat tip to Gizmodo.

2. While Sinking Your Back Claws Into The Hide, Pull The Frill Briskly Away.

3. With A Care For The Horns, Begin The Opening Course By Feasting On The Delicate Cranial Meat.

4. Finish The Evening With A Generous Helping Of The Delectable Morsels Under The Frill.

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