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Abandoned Former Communist Monuments From The Future/Past

Ahh, the atomic age. Can't you almost hear the manly man voice-over, extrapolating on how the gleaming stainless steel, push button future is only years away? (From Crack Two)

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  • 1. Podgaric, Croatia

    Monument to the Revolution - Created by sculptor Dusan Dzamonja in 1967 in remembrance of those that died in WWII.

  • 2. Mekin Kamen, Macedonia

    A war memorial by Dimo Todorovski dedicated to the uprising of Macedonia against the Ottoman aggressors in 1903.

  • 3. Kolaain, Montenegro

    Monument built by Vojin Baki to honor the soldiers that gave their lives during WWII.

  • 4. Kadinjaa, Serbia

    Built in memory of the Workers Battalion Resistance that fought and died on this field during the Battle of Kadinjaa in 1941.

  • 5. Sanski Most, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Susanjar Memorial Complex was created in remembrance of the thousands killed by Germans during the Orthodox festival of Ilindan in 1941.

  • 6. Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Built to celebrate the almost mythical Battle of Kozara. In 1942, the Partisan resistance fought and won against the Germans despite being severely outnumbered and outgunned.

  • 7. Petrova Gora, Croatia

    Monument dedicated to the men and women that set up a central military hospital for the resistance here. It consisted of a system of underground chambers and log cabins scattered throughout the mountain range. The hospital was never discovered by any of the armed forces of the Axis powers and remained in operation until May 1945.

  • 8. Kosmaj, Serbia

    This monument is dedicated to the soldiers of the "Kosmaj Partisan detachment" from World War II.

  • 9. Nis, Serbia

    Built to commemorate the over 12,000 residents killed by German forces during WWII. Three fists of different sizes depict men's, women's and children's hands reaching skyward to defy the enemy.

  • 10. Mitrovica, Kosovo

    Worker's monument affectionately referred to as "The Grill".

  • 11. Tjentiste, Bosnia And Herzegovina

    Memorial honoring Battle of the Sutjeska, which took place in 1943. During the battle, German troops surrounded and killed three brigades and 2000 injured members of the resistance at a local hospital.

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