19 Future Inventions We’ll Never See, Thanks To The Apocalypse

Say your goodbyes to these never-realized-ideas before it’s too late. Oh well. Being a human was about to get SO COOL.

1. Goodbye Skynet, you nightmarish creation.

2. Goodbye human intergalactic space travel,

3. and time travel, too. How we longed for your realization!

4. And goodbye hoverboards, you were never meant to be.

5. Goodbye flying car.

6. And teleportation is something else we’ll never see.

7. Goodbye clear touchscreen computers. So close!

8. And human computer chip implantation.

9. Goodbye replicated foods. What a better world that would have been, all of us vegans.

10. And first contact with alien species, those sweet unknown space creatures.

11. Goodbye to moving sidewalks replacing our streets.

From Edison films catalog: This picture was taken from the stationary platform, showing the rapidly moving board walk on the outer edge, which has a speed of five miles per hour; also shows the middle platform moving two and a-half miles per hour, the third platform being stationary.

12. And organic cyborgs with human moods.

13. Goodbye curious artificial intelligence.

14. And augmented reality.

15. Goodbye food in pills and robotic helpers.

16. And laser guns. Maybe it’s all for the best.

17. Goodbye painful memory extractors.

18. Goodbye full immersion virtual reality. Though who knows, maybe we’re all brains in vats.

19. Goodbye to all you sweet science fiction tech which hasn’t reached completion. We hardly knew ye.

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