20 Movie Characters Named John

Man, Hollywood needs a character name generator like nobody’s business. I was just going to do “Fictional Johns” but that was the deepest rabbit hole I’ve ever seen. Who’d I leave out, guys?

1. John Carter

John Carter - Image From 2012 Version

2. John Hannibal Smith

The A-Team - 2010

3. John Watson

Sherlock Holmes - Image From 2009 Version

4. John Smith

Mr. And Mrs. Smith - 2005

5. John Anderton

Minority Report - 2002

6. Long John Silver

Treasure Planet/Island - Image From 2002 Version

7. John Smith

Pocahantas - 1995

8. John “Doc” Holliday

Tombstone - 1993

9. John Dunbar

Dances With Wolves - 1990

10. John Kimble

Kindergarten Cop - 1990

11. John McClane

Die Hard - 1988

12. John Bender

The Breakfast Club - 1985

13. John Connor

Terminator - 1984

14. John Rambo

First Blood - 1982

15. John Blutarsky

Animal House - 1978

16. Little John

Robin Hood - Image From 1973 Version

17. John Shaft

Shaft - 1971

18. John Prentice

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner - 1967

19. John Clayton

Tarzan - Image From 1959 Version

20. John Darling

Peter Pan - Image From 1953 Version

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