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    13 Iconic Movie Characters On Their Day Off

    Peek inside the "glamorous" secret lives of fictional people. Artist Kiersten Essenpreis imagines what happens after the camera stops rolling.

    1. "Alien Takes Jonesy to the Vet" - Alien

    2. "Jessica Rabbit" - Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    3. "Joker vs. Banksy" - Batman

    4. "Wheeler" - Return To Oz

    5. "Gozer at the Dog Park" - Ghostbusters

    6. "Norman and Mother" - Psycho

    7. "Bedtime for Log" - Twin Peaks

    8. "Leatherface’s Secret Hobby" - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    9. "Mola Ram Plays Bingo" - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    10. "Ironing the Jumpsuit" - Halloween

    11. "Mrs. White’s 2 Husbands" - Clue

    12. "Pinhead’s Weekend Side Job" - Hellraiser

    13. "Shredder + Krang Ride" - TMNT

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