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    11 Scenarios When Parents Freak Out Internally

    Where's the adult who'll handle all this? Oh right, it's YOU.

    1. When you have to kill the spider.

    2. When you have to fish a floater out of the tub.

    3. When you realize you have to clean up the vomit all over the bathroom.

    4. When you have to pull out a splinter.

    5. When the tub isn't draining so you finally break down and do this.

    6. When you have to cut a cranky baby's fingernails.

    7. When you have to brace yourself to check for broken bones.

    8. When you realize you were just peed on.

    9. When you have to fish something out of the toilet.

    10. When you become a human snot rag.

    11. When you have to staunch blood and pretend you're totally calm about it.

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