11 Reasons The Internet Is Dead On 11/11/11

Man isn’t 11/11/11 great, you guys? Unless of course you’re trying to find entertainment on the Internet today. Because it’s a ghost town out here. Where is everyone?

1. Playing The Hell Out Of “Elder Scrolls: Skyrim”

2. Headed to See “Immortals”

3. Re-Watching “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2” DVD

4. In Line For “11/11/11”

5. Celebrating Veteran’s Day


6. At Chicago’s McDonald “Fryday”

7. Readying To Break Into The Pyramids For A Masonic Ritual

8. Rocking Out To Nigel Tufnel Day

10. Getting Married

11. Waiting For The World To End

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