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    10 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Ultimate Spider-Man"

    Turning 50 doesn't mean Peter Parker is getting out of high school anytime soon. Spider-Man returns for an all new generation to grow up on.

    Spider-Man is returning to back his roots. An award-winning comic book writer and TV producer, Jeph Loeb spent years working on hit shows such as Smallville, LOST, and Heroes before taking over as Marvel's head of television. Loeb spoke to BuzzFeed on the phone about what to expect from Season Two of Marvel's new take on the web-slinger and why you should be watching.

    1. Agent Phil Coulson.

    2. The humor.

    3. The team.

    4. The lack of (teen) romance.

    5. Coulson is dating Aunt May.

    6. Doctor Octopus. Calculated. Evil. Unhinged.

    7. Unconventional villains.

    8. The realistically dumb teen antics.

    9. Hulk as Hulk and nothing but Hulk

    10. Hawkeye.

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