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    10 Pieces Of Proof That Llamas Are Jerks

    The petting zoo tells you not to punch the llamas. There's a reason they had to put up a sign.

    You Know What Sign, Maybe People Are Punching Llamas For A Reason

    1. Maybe The Llama Started The Fight.

    2. Or Stole Another Hat...


    ...and they don't even look good in hats!

    3. It Could Have Just Been Acting Like It Was Better Than You.


    Wedding photographers are expensive, llama!

    Photo By: Caroline Tran

    5. If It Did This, Punch It Twice.

    6. Maybe It Peed In Your Pool.

    7. Or Perhaps It's Just A Humble Brag Conversation Hog


    God llama, no one CARES you were an extra in The Emperor's New Groove.

    8. Maybe A Llama Once Stole A Cab From Your Grandpa.

    9. You Trusted That Llama With Your Halloween Costume Idea, AND IT STOLE IT.

    10. In Conclusion:

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