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    • Donna1221

      Did it ever occur to any of you that these three people were killed because ofabad drug deal? It had nothing to do with him. It seems more ofahit notamurder.If this wasanatural born American would we be crucifying him this way aboutamurder they have no proof?Ithink the mention of terrorist is crazy when they have no proof at all that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev had connections toaterrorist group. The big IF they were guilty of this crime this more of an Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold deal. Today was the first timeIwept not only for the victims of the bombings but for one that was being accused.Iwept becauseaUS citizen was not given their Miranda rights and was questioned while he was still in serious condition. He hadabullet in his head and bullet wound in his neck and hadagunshot wound on his hand and leg. The only way they could question him is if they woke him up with medication. Then after they got the answers they gave him his pain medication so he could sleep.
      Yes the crime was horrible and yes this isatragedy. We are nota3rd world country here. We as Americans have rights and that means to every American citizen. Those rights apply all US citizens. Those who were born here and those who were give citizenship .The world watched us chose to ignore those rights with an excuse of he might cause danger to other US citizens. What danger?
      This wasatrue political move. MA has some of the highest electoral votes and was given card blanch to act badly. The two only had hand guns so where the big was shoot out. They should have given him his Miranda rights because nowIhave doubt in any evidence they are coming up with.Afair trial how does that work now?

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