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    • dong10

      as I watched a gallon of gas double.. and mortgages double..and no pay increase in 6 years so my manager could have a bonus for controlling cost..EVEN though I made and surpassed my goals every month for six years…I thought to myself..this doesn’t ad up..looks like like things are going to crash at this rate ( sure enough they did ) finally.. one day.. I was called into his office.. ” I want you here earlier he said”.. my response after six years of empty promise and struggling to pay my bills after the 10-12 hours I gave..even though I was only paid for 8.5? I replied ” you show me..then Ill show you.. Ive already played the game..made it happen.. and got nothing..until then I not doing it”… and as he sat back in his chair.. after a moment of thought.. I said ” I think you need a new ass for the saddle ” I gave my notice.. started my own business..started earning 5 times what I was earning..( why settle for only a slice of the pie when you can have the whole thing ? while treating customers they way they should be treated) … Kiss my sweaty sack corporate world..I might ad.. as a means of survival in the corp world.. your manager will never take the blame. there will always be a fall guy.. and it may even be you.. no thank you

    • dong10

      they will milk the life right out of you.. its all about your manager making a bonus by managing getting you to do more for less… nothing will change until you say ” NO ” The best part? all you hear about is how slow the economy is? how do you change that..when you work your whole life way for the peanuts they pay ? and who will buy the products your selling..when you don’t earn enough to buy them ? Better stand up and say no now..its only getting worse as time passes.

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