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ODA’s Week 6 Power Rankings

Oliver has been alive long enough to witness this 2016 fantasy football season and he has some thoughts about you jamokes.

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12. Chris (Team Shot in the Dark) -

Looks like someone has given up and started focusing on hockey.

11. Dad (The AficionaDonatos) -

Congrats on winning a game Pop!

10. Joe (Team Wiley) -1

Hey, I have more hair then this guy too!

9. Vincenzo (Team Marino) +1

Way to move up to mediocre

8. Mike (Chanandler Bong) -

I've seen better wins in my diaper.

7. Brian (Langhorne Langoliers) -4

Whoa, when I drop my binky on the floor it doesn't fall this far

6. Tone (Team Shinebox) -2

This is about how far I drop my binky

5. John (Ryan Gate) -

Seriously, who is this guy?

4. Ryan (The Bakery) +2

Way to leap frog that guy I don't know

3. T Bone (Anal Vapors) -1

I just heard another curse word.

2. Gina (The Icebox) +5

Whoa Aunt Gina! Save some for the rest of the season.

1. Bobby (Make America Deflate Again) -

Holding strong... for now

This weeks notes:

Highest score in week 5 The Icebox 176.1

Lowest score in week 5 Team Shot in the Dark 73.3

Most points for the season Anal Vapors 713.7

Least points for the season Team Shot in the Dark 482.5

Highest average points this season Anal Vapors 142.74

Lowest average points this season Team Shot in the Dark 96.5

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