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11 People Tell Us About Goodwill® Finds That Changed Their Lives

Where there's a Goodwill, there's a great find. Get shopping at your local Goodwill to generate job creation in your community today.

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1. The jacket of all trades.

Courtesy of Becca H.

"I really wanted a black jacket (and to save some money!), so I took a trip to Goodwill and found one right away for just a few dollars. It goes with any outfit, and I wouldn't change a thing about it! I recently wore it in NYC as I walked along the High Line, and it saved me from the wind, so I could enjoy the sun."

—Becca H.

2. The social media stars.

Instagram: @spiritedla

"I run a cocktail Instagram, and one of my weird quirks is trying as hard as I can not to repeat any glassware. Since I'm not a billionaire, the only way that's possible is by raiding my neighborhood Goodwill regularly. It's a great way to get funky and unique pieces, and I like the idea that I'm giving glasses that belonged to someone else new life."

—Hannah C.

3. The flat-out cutest shoes in NYC.

Courtesy of Jamie A.

"I bought these puppies the year I moved to New York City because I hadn't brought any flats with me as I swore I'd only wear heels every day. I'm pretty sure they are ballet shoes, but I get a ton of compliments on them as regular flats."

—Jamie A.

4. The backpack with a higher education.

Courtesy of Victoria M.

"I bought this backpack at Goodwill when I was 16 and brought it to school every day from junior year of high school to senior year of college. Best thing I've ever bought."

—Victoria M.

5. The sentimental save.

Dinazina / Getty Images

"I spent the summer of 2004 working on a landscaping crew in a small rural area outside of Columbus, Ohio. I found a Boyz II Men tour T-shirt at a Goodwill that summer that I just had to have, and I still own it to this day (although my wife wears it now). I can't count how many times I've worn it in different situations and different places over the 13 years of our time together. That shirt has been around the world with me."

—Eric S.

7. The knockout.

Courtesy of Ellen D.

"This funky shawl-collar, gold-button top has some pretty fierce shoulder pads that give my spirits a little boost wherever I go. The shoulder pads are so powerful that I often knock people out as I walk down the streets (just kidding, they're knocked out by how fabulous this top is)!"

—Ellen D.

8. The doggone cute tee.

Courtesy of Danielle C.

"One of my favorite Goodwill finds is this T-shirt that has a yellow Lab reclining in a nature scene. I think it might be a kids' shirt, but oh well. It brings me so much joy every time I wear it."

—Danielle C.

9. The fan favorite.

Courtesy of Dan B.

"I bought this sweater when I was a senior in high school for a holiday party, but then I just started wearing it to school. I think it represents my personality pretty well...even though I don't golf. Of all my Goodwill purchases, this sweater is by far my favorite."

—Dan B.

10. The overall winner.

Courtesy of Maddy R.

"I found a pair of overalls at Goodwill for $7.50 that I am obsessed with. I initially just tried them on for fun, but I actually fell in love with them immediately. I wore the overalls to a party that night and put my drink in the front pocket with a straw so I could dance with both hands."

—Maddy R.

11. The spooky steal.

Courtesy of Mandy C.

"I got my entire Jack Torrance costume at Goodwill for Halloween one year (minus the fake axe). A group of my new coworkers and I went as the cast of The Shining and won second place in the office costume contest that year! It's probably one of my favorite last-minute costumes ever."

—Mandy C.

With more than 3,200 stores and 4,700 donation centers, snagging a fab find from Goodwill couldn’t be easier.

By shopping at Goodwill, you’re creating new jobs, training programs, education assistance, and support services for people in your community. Find your nearest Goodwill here to help directly impact job training in your community, and tag or follow @GoodwillIntl on Instagram to see even more amazing finds and share your own!