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    • donaldn3

      As a kid that learned how to read playing the original Final Fantasy on the Super NES (the system I actually played it on), I grew up loving JRPG’s. My life was different growing up considering that I didn’t get the social interactions with other kids, but I agree with others that say that you don’t have to give up your life to play games.
      Currently, I’m an engineering major with a 19-credit class week. I still work out, work, tutor, and sleep, but I can still find time to play video games. I mostly play on my 3DS or my PSP, but that’s what portable systems are for—playing when you have a small gap in your day.
      To this day, I’ve logged thousands of hours of gameplay and I’ve played through many different series of games from many different studios and producers (i.e: Shin Megami Tensei, Square Enix, Gust). Even now, I still add time in little increments with my 3DS or PSP. While Bravely Default might not be what you expected, other games are available. Try the Kingdom Hearts series and see if it can recapture your love of JRPG’s. If nothing else, it might appease your friends by giving them Disney’s storytelling with Square’s gaming. P.S. I also play many games in Japanese mode to help with my learning of the language. If you’re learning a language, many games come with different spoken languages and English subtitles. Try switching the languages and see what you can understand. Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon were brutal, but I’m much better at Japanese than my peers because of the extra practice.

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