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    • Donald Duck

      What does it take to become “staff” at buzzfeed other thanacomputer and an internet connection? Apparently not much. Apparently at buzzfeed you can just post any nonsense that comes to mind. If you’re going to report (term used loosely) on something as potentially explosive as the alleged harassment ofaforeign national entering the U.S., then you should adhere to minimum standards for objective journalism like checking your source out and not just taking dictation from him or her. U.S. Immigration, and Customs officials like the TSA we all have to deal with now can be charming and they can be petty tyrants. They are human. Some are nice and more thanafew are assholes.

    • Donald Duck

      You’re twisting yourselves into knots trying to salvage your reporter’s terrifically sloppy reporting. Give it up. She didn’t follow the kind of journalistic ethics even a high school newspaper reporter understands, first of which is treat your informants with skepticism, especially when they are speaking anonymously and are government officials who just might be trying to cover their asses. Why can’t you just admit you don’t know how long he was detained!?
      All you know is that he was made to wait at least 23 minutes. This is what the internet has done to news gathering and reporting: put it in the hands of amateur bloggers.

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