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    6 Black Male Visual Artists From Toronto To Look Out For!

    Check out these awesome visual artists from Toronto that are killing the game right now.

    1. Komi Olaf

    Photograph: @creationsofla

    Komi Olaf is a visual artist and poet currently living in Toronto. As a master’s graduate of Architecture from Carleton University , his training as an architect directly influenced and continues to influence his draftsmanship and manipulation of light and space. His work is based primarily in acrylic and explores the dialogue created through the juxtaposition of images concepts and identities.

    His works have been featured in shows at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the National Arts Center in Ottawa. He has also received several awards pertaining to his works including the TDthenandnow 2015 Primary Marketing image, The Empowerment and Success Award presented by the then Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean in 2010 and was nominated for the Student Award for excellence presented by the Canadian Architect Magazine in 2009.

    Komi is a strong believer in the synonyms that exists between images, philosophies and concepts.

    He is currently represented by Agora Gallery in New York city.

    You can find his work here:


    2. Oluseye

    Photograph: Jah Grey,

    Designer of BLKKANGAROO and an amazing visual artist, Oluseye.

    You can find his work here:

    Instagram: lavishbat


    3. Gyimah Litsitso Gariba

    Photograph: Othello Grey

    Gyimah(pronounced:Jee-Ma) Litsitso Gariba.Bi-lingual (English -French) Freelance Illustrator, Designer and Animator from Ghana living in Toronto.

    You can find his work here:

    Instagram: gyimahg


    4. Jah Grey

    Photograph: Kelisha Layne

    "The message in my art is about redefining the social norms of gender, race, queerness and rebelling against the constructs others place on our bodies and our identities. Having the strength and vulnerability to challenge normative ideas is central to my photography. I feel we often let society control and dictate who we are, where we belong and who we need to be and forget to carve out new spaces in ourselves for change, growth and evolution." – Jah Grey

    You can find his work here:



    Instagram: jahgrey

    5. Yannick Anton

    Yannick Anton is most popular for his amazing event photography however his portraits shows his range of talent.

    You can find his work here:


    Instagram: yannickanton

    6. Wade Biblical Hudson

    Photograph: Buruk Early

    Jamaican-born Wade Hudson is inspired by the intricacy and expressiveness of the human face. His work is defined by a certain quiet intensity that testifies to the individual character of his subjects. Composed yet unposed, Hudson’s approach to investigating the face is defined by a raw, seemingly effortless aesthetic. Wade has had the pleasure of working with agencies such as DDB Paris and has collaborated with community organizations in Toronto such as Manifesto and the Remix Project. Wade’s recent publications include features in French-based L’Equipe Magazine, covers for Press the Beauty’s debut print issue and Wired UK in addition to numerous online publication contributions.

    You can find his work here:


    Instagram: wadehudson

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