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    36 Gifts For The 9 Babes In Your Girl Gang

    Who are you in your group of friends? The Token Beyoncé or the Closet Nerd? Here's a personalized gift guide for each of your besties, from steal to splurge.

    The holiday shopping season is in full swing, but don't panic: this list has got you and your girl gang covered. Whether you're doing Secret Santa or gifts for all (makin' it rain), everyone in your group is unique… so here are some amazing, hyper-personal gifts for each one, at different prices for your budget (splurge accordingly based on who was good to you in the group text this year… you know what's up).

    1. The Beauty Junkie

    2. The Socality Barbie

    3. The Fitness Fanatic

    4. The Jet Setter

    5. The Future Martha Stewart

    6. The Girl Boss

    7. The Token Beyoncé

    8. The Closet Nerd

    9. This Girl 💁// The PSL Consumer