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Seattle Mayor Officially Renames City Hall "Kitty Hall" For The Day

No word on whether he's officially renaming the bathrooms "litter boxes."

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City of Seattle

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued an official proclamation on Friday, complete with his signature and a shiny golden seal, declaring that City Hall — where the local government conducts business — had been renamed for the day as "Kitty Hall."

This is a real thing.

"Cats embody the ideals of self-reliance, independence, and determination," the proclamation reads. "When not invading newly vacated boxes, cats can be found lounging in the sun, chasing lasers, and keeping your house free of mice."

City officials even brought in an enclosed tent to Kitty Hall so visitors could "play and cuddle" with kittens.

Then they put an actual kitten on the mayor's lectern.

Kittens are in the Mayor's Office! #KittyHall

It's the second year Murray has renamed the municipal headquarters as part of a campaign to encourage adopting orphaned cats that are left in the custody of the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Here's Murray with his husband, Michael Shiosaki, admiring a kitten at the mayor's desk:

Michael & I have made a new friend. Meet Mario, available for adoption at @SeattleAnimal #KittyHall

According to the Seattle Animal Shelter's blog, there are currently more than 100 cats and kittens available for adoption, including in foster homes. While there were no adoptions at Kitty Hall, the blog says, it was "a great way to meet a potential pet."

The animal shelter's blog is called The Scoop. Obviously.

Local politics blog Seattlish took a preemptive strike at the killjoys who complained about Kitty Hall last year.

"Naturally, some haters were all like 'waaaaah but why isn’t he focusing on REAL issues???'" Seattlish wrote, "which like, ok, sure. We still have a huge number of homeless humans (which we’re working on helping!) and a giant tunnel boring nightmare stuck under the city BUT COME ON. CAN’T WE JUST DO SOMETHING CUTE SOMETIMES?"

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