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    20 Signs You Went To SJSU

    Read on for some Spartan Pride!

    1. For Freshman Orientation, you were told that one of the brick halls was haunted

    2. THIS. Enough said.

    3. During the first day of school, the parking lot looks like this

    4. Instead of studying, you've wasted hours on this page.

    5. You've done this. Especially at Joe West

    6. This over Starbucks all day every day.

    7. You've spent way more time here instead of number 8.

    8. But you've probably stayed here overnight. Especially during finals.


    10. The Engineering Building looks like this.

    11. You were excited when this opened.

    12. You hate this guy

    13. If unfortunate, you've seen a creepy Asian lady with blue make up all over her face.

    14. You own at least one of these.

    15. There's some kind of underground Yu-Gi-Oh club going on in the basement.

    16. Despite being in the Silicon Valley, Wi-Fi sucked.

    17. This is the WORST place in the world.

    18. You've been to many AS Barbecues and I don't blame you: FREE GRUB.

    19. You put on your headphones when these guys approach you.

    20. You went to the best school money can buy and you don't regret it! But it probably took you 6 years to graduate...

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