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    Reasons Drew Lock Is The Cutest College QB Ever

    #Locktober has just begun, and we're (I'm) already fawning over him.

    1. Sometimes, he's sexy as all get-out.

    Can I have that hair? That face? Those arms?

    2. Sometimes, he looks like a kid.


    3. And sometimes, he's a mixture of both.

    Mmmmm. Yes.

    4. His face even looks cute on a train.

    Michael Mandell (@MichaelJMandell)

    5. ...and on a football field, of course.

    This is what Faurot Field should actually look like.

    6. Even the other teams want to hug him.

    I mean, who wouldn't? HE'S JUST SO CUTE.

    7. He looks great in the fall.

    And I'm pretty sure Lockvember and Drewcember will look just as great.

    8. He's pretty much a gift from God.

    Could this be the Second Coming?

    9. He rocks the old-school black-and-white.

    Heck, I bet he rocks every Instagram filter.

    10. #Locktoberfest is also a thing, and it looks good on him.

    Maty, what are you doing all the way back there?

    11. Take a moment to appreciate that uniform.


    12. But no uniform is cool too.

    Forget a touchdown. I'm down. Sooooo down.

    13. His serious face.


    14. His smiling face.

    *double swoon*

    15. His face.

    *constant state of swooning*

    16. But also, he plays some pretty damn good football.

    That earns him all the points in my book.

    17. GO GET 'EM, TIGER.