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    • domdomsmith99

      Good article but Nintendo isn’t just for lil kids and women. “Real girl gamers don’t ever play Mario Kart or use pink controllers.” Mario Kart is actually a pretty good game. It isn’t like Nintendo only makes Mario games. They make Zelda, Fire Emblem, Metroid,Star Fox, F Zero,and more. Just because a game isn’t bloody and the most realistic game possible like COD or Battlefield doesn’t mean it is a bad game. Also people think graphics are better than gameplay. There are NES games that are better than PS4 and Xbox One games. Why do people always call adults who like Nintendo games manchildren. What you play doesn’t determine how mature you are. It is how you live your life. BTW this coming from someone who has a PS3, Vita, Wii U, and 3DS. I even like to play games like Watchdogs or GTA but you need to stop being such douchebags to Nintendo gamers even if you hate Nintendo, because if you do then you are the manchild for making fun of someone because of what they’re interested in. Yes I know this message is long but I had to make my point.

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