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Music Hits For Christmas: The Best Christmas Songs!

I would like to make a few suggestions on how to create a pre-Christmas mood by choosing the right songs. And I don't mean traditional Christmas carols like "Oh Tannenbaum", "Leise rieselt der Schnee" and all the other Christmas carols you can sing with your family on Christmas Eve. I'm more interested in real pop/rock songs that either fit in with Christmas lyrics or are closely linked to Christmas for some other reason. And especially with these songs it's certainly interesting to hear why they are played at Christmas.

domchido2 10 months ago

4 Classic 80's Movies Perfect for Date Night

Date nights can include any genre of movie depending on what your partner is into. However, a classic romantic evening requires a suitable/perfect date night movie- one that has themes of sacrifice, youth and above all "love". Another one could be a horror movie, which might leave your partner no other option but to latch onto you during the scariest parts of the show. The 80's was a good year for classic and suitable movies to see on a date. Here are my top 4 classic 80's movies that are perfect for such an occasion.

domchido2 One year ago