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13 Signs You Might Be A Liberal Douche

Are you liberal or a liberal douche? If 8 or more of these describe you....just own it.

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1. You work the name of your co-op into all food-related discussions.

BretthCharlton / Via

2. You like anything about Al Sharpton.

Getty Images John Moore

3. You thought about going to a "die-in", but just used #Ferguson in a few tweets instead. / Via Gettys

4. You brag about how often you listen to NPR.

Diane39 / Via

5. You hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck (but still think she's hot).

Getty Images Matt Stroshane

6. You have voluntarily seen more than one Michael Moore movie.

Getty Images Chip Somodevilla

7. You consider MSNBC a real news network.

8. You shop at Target, but wouldn't step foot in Walmart.

Jill_InspiredByDesign / Via

9. At restaurants, you always ask how your meat, chicken or fish is sourced.

10. You've eaten kale (on purpose) at least once in the last three months.


11. You have a Co-Exist bumper sticker on your car (extra points if it's a Volvo or Prius).

12. You use "sustainable" in as many conversations as possible.

luka / Via

13. You think Bernie Sanders should be the next president.

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