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How Juan Patron At The 2020 Agency Is Building Future Leaders

The greatest kind of teamwork within a business comes from group of individuals that work towards a common goal. Juan Patron, and his team in 20/20 Effect, exhibits that kind of creative collaborative environment. Check out his exclusive interview below.

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Juan Patron / Via Instagram: @the2020agency

What's the vibe of your work environment?

My team members have a lot of freedom and flexibility in order to create inspiring material. I really allow them to let creativity speak for themselves. I don’t want them to feel as if they have a 9-5 job. Building a family type of environment in the workplace is important to me. We want to help each other grow as a team.

What's the most rewarding team project you worked on?

We ran a campaign for a Non- Profit for the President of Colombia. Due to a natural disaster in Colombia, the President hired us to organized a non-profit event. By partnering with a number of influential people from Colombia, we were able to raise nearly half a million dollars at the event. The President of Colombia was so pleased with the event outcome, he sent me a letter personally stating how appreciated he was.

Do you build leaders in your team? Why and how?

Absolutely. It's a core component to running a successful brand. Delegating various tasks to your trusted team is essential for our company growth. You need to have people who you can trust to represent your company. Our main focus is to expand in multiple cities. In order to execute that, I have to ensure my team has a strong foundation with great leaders that can represents 20/20 effect well.

How do you choose your team members to represent The 20/20 Effect?

I look at their values and what they care about. While education is great to have, I take a bigger consideration towards their core values. I care about how hard they work and their willingness to learn. Taking precedence that someone is willing to learn everything about my company over a person who isn't passionate about growing with our vision.

What's the best way people can get involved with your company?

We are always open to collaborate with anyone who wants to make the world a better place. Anyone who has a vision that matches with ours can contact us through our website here. Contact us if there are any opportunities in which both parties can benefit from.

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