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"Boys Chase Ass, Men Chase Assets" With Austin Godsey

Austin reveals if you are solely focused on chasing girls, you will lose a great deal of money and success. Focusing on the path of success will inevitably lead you to having the best caliber women attracted to you.

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Boys want to be something, while men actually go out there and do it. If guys would put the same energy and time they do with running after women, there would be more multi-millionaires in America. His mentor told him once that "Self help helps self to help somebody else..." Austin sees that guys spend so much time on girls and chasing them. That it comes down to the point where they know more about the girls then they actually even know about themselves.

We live in a microwave society where people want end results now. Realistically, it never works that way. The biggest asset you can invest into is yourself and that never depreciates or goes out of style. If you don't know what to invest into -- always double down on you. Your skill sets, your talents, your mindset will always pay out bigger in the long term!

Unsure of what to invest in within your own certain skill set? Austin encourages growing men to figure out what you are good at and do it well. Find your “why” that drives you. Double and triple down on your strengths and figure out a formula on how to get paid for it. Don’t do it just because it’s popular by demand! Take it from Steve Jobs himself: “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Austin concludes that it’s better to live a short life you love than a long life you don’t.

As men, we are constantly focused on improving ourselves to leave a legacy. This means having to make certain sacrifices short term. Roy Taylor, CEO of InstaFame shares his perspective by advising: "Guys, I suggest stop trying to find the right girl and start becoming the right guy." Often times, being in a relationship can be a handicap if the woman you are with is emotionally unstable. Men don’t want girls, they want a woman they can build a future with. A good woman can be a man’s best investment.

Austin, of InstaFame and Global Visionariez, shares with us a personal experience of his. He dated a woman once who was extremely unsupportive of his grind and held him back for years. The second they broke up, he immediately made a 6-figure annual income, and then 6-figures per month with 6 months of being on his own!

Just remember this while you are on your journey to the top - butterflies don’t hang around caterpillars. The world has a natural way of dissociating itself from things that don't tend to develop. Make sure your woman wants to grow with you and is willing to level up. Wait for the kind of woman who is willing to go through the lows to get to the highs.” - Austin Godsey; InstaFame and Global Visionariez

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