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7 Back-To-School Snacks That Are As Convenient As They Are Tasty

Snacks as easy to hand out as they are to create — Dollar General has your back-to-school needs covered.

1. Awesomely Appetizing Ants on Another Log

Pretzel rods; Jif To Go peanut butter cups

2. Scrumptious Smiling Rice Cakes

Hand holding a rice cake topped with nut butter and strawberry jelly; A bag of caramel Quaker rice cakes

3. Tasty Trail Mix Brain Food

4. Delicious Dried-Fruit Rainbow Mix

A rainbow of dried fruit pieces; Good & Smart dried pineapple

5. A Sweet Afternoon Treat

Swirl of Nutella; A box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats variety pack

6. Perfectly Cheesy Portable Nachos

Tortilla chips covered in nacho cheese; Armour® LunchMakers® Nachos

7. Fiber-Filled Oatmeal Squares

Apple oatmeals topped with whipped cream; Quaker Baked Square

Images from Getty/iStock.

From name-brand essentials to $1 school-supply items, there are lots of reasons to believe Dollar General is your one-stop shop for all your back-to-school needs. With great value and lower prices available right in your neighborhood, how could it not be?