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Uses Of The Phone's Apps.

Nowadays, we use technology in all of its different forms for many reasons, like entertainment, food, and health. This post will focus on ways technology has made our lives easier. And more specifically, the apps we use on our phones.

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The reason that made me create this post-

A while ago, I read two articles that were about technology, and they were

1- "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" And it's written by Nicholas Carr.

2- “Does Texting Affect Writing,” and it's written by Michaela Cullington.

After reading them, they both contradict each other, since Carr's article says that technology affects us negatively, and the other one says that the affects aren't very influential. However, they both focused on the negative side, and did not mention how helpful technology is.

Carr states that by using Google’s search engine, people are getting lazier and only read the headlines and not the whole article. He believes that people don’t read an article in depth, instead they jump from a website to another reading headlines and never visit the other pages again.

Cullington did a survey about how High School students "texting" effects the way they write, so she wanted to make a test by herself, by asking several students and two high school teachers. She asked for how long they have been texting, and how often they text. She concluded that texting has no significant effect on students' writing skills. She found that the students don’t mix and use the abbreviations in their academic writings. Instead, they use them to make quick communications shorter and easier. She mentioned how English teachers in high school have this problem with their students, who don’t write in full sentences, and use abbreviations, like "wut" for what and "2" for to. And to fix this problem, the teachers deduct points whenever they see abbreviations and when the students don’t write in full sentences.

And this is the reason why I made this post, to show how technology is helpful, even when it has few negative effects on us. Because many things are considered technology, I will be only talking about the phone apps that are helpful, and used on a daily basis.

Social Media


There is no doubt that many people use their phone mainly to check on what's new with their family, friends, and even the world. There are different kinds of social media outlets, and they all allow the people to share their ideas and opinions with anyone who is interested. They make people closer to each other, by simply sharing what the people enjoy and like to each other. The main social media apps are: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. They all are free and easy to use.

Texting friends and family

As an international student, I am very grateful for all the free texting and calling apps out there. It would be so hard for me to pay a lot of money to simply call my parents and family many times each month, which will reduce the stress of being away from them for a long time. Many apps are different from each other, with some only offering texting, while others offer free calling with the use of camera to see each other. The major ones are: WhatsApp, Tango, Line, and Messenger.

Checking bank account, mail, and other personal things

Many banks in the US offer their services on apps that are free to download. Anyone can check bank statement, credit card information, and even pay the bills through them. Although some people believe that it's risky to use them, the providers use many security steps to ensure the safety of using the apps and eliminate the personal information leaking.

commuting and navigation

One of the essential apps that people use all the time is any kind of a map app. They are used to commute from home to the work place, stores, restaurants, and many things more. People use them mostly when traveling too, and they can show best and fastest route. Google Maps is one of the most used apps, and it constantly improves, and they have a feature called "Street View," which allow you to check the road as if you were driving through.

Watching movies and videos

One of the best things you can do with your phone is watching movies, from apps like Netflix and Hulu, or watching videos from YouTube. Many movie apps offer a wide selection of movies and TV shows, like comedy, action, and drama. On the other hand, YouTube offers a wide selection of videos created by famous content creators that are most of the time free to watch, and also supports the creators by monetizing their videos. The contents are broad and can be about games, movies, technology, and even cars.

Playing games for fun or just to kill some time

There is no better way to pass your time than phone games. Many people still remember the first game that was famous, which was "Angry Birds." People would spend hours and hours playing games because they become addictive at one point, and very competitive at the other.

Checking restaurants and reading the reviews

No matter what restaurant you are looking for, Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, or even Traditional American, you can find it and read about it through various apps on your phone. On apps like "Yelp," people write their reviews about their experience after eating at a restaurant. The review can be about the place, food quality, prices, servers, and the atmosphere.

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