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23 Pictures Of A Dog Who Loves Toys

Anna (A.K.A. DogWonder) Writes a letter: I love you toys, you is good

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1. I love you gator

2. I love you hedgehog

3. I love you pineapple

4. Even when you are worst

5. Raccoon......You know you're only ok

6. ...cause I always have to keep my eye on you

7. I love you Shark, so I set you free

8. Squirrel you is good

9. And pink duck you is soft

10. I love you Teddy

11. And Tiger Owl too

12. I love you stick

13. We've been through a lot

14. Rabbit, you are loved

15. and pheasant I adore you

16. You all are just great

17. but lets be honest with each other

18. It's all about gator

19. Gator

20. Gator

21. Gator

22. Gator

23. I love you gator

24. and other toys

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