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  • 11 Reasons To Date A Dog Owner

    When looking for a potential mate, we’re always on the look out for traits that make them stand out in a positive way. Studies have found that men and women that own dogs tend to be more social, active and thoughtful; all great traits when it comes to the dating world. Owning a dog teaches you how to care for another being which in turn helps develop your character. In fact, choosing to own a dog can also uncover an underlying personality preference to spend one’s alone time with a social, curious and giving creature. Read on for 11 stellar reasons to date a dog owner.

  • 20 Most Photogenic Puppies On Earth

    We all know that puppies are adorable, but finding photogenic ones can be a tough feat. They squirm, they dart, and it can be a challenge to get them to sit still for a great photo. However, there are the pups who are naturals with the camera, and know exactly how to smile in the most perfect way. It took some serious research, but DogVacay did it: we found the 20 most photogenic puppies in the world, and they can definitely teach us a thing or two about looking fabulous! Take notes for all those selfies that you want to get better at!

  • The Best Dogs in Weddings Ever

    When it’s time to put the bling on the ring finger and commit to your chosen mate forever and ever, you want everyone who matters to be there to celebrate. Among the millions of weddings that take place every year, there are tons that involve dogs – the furry sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, and best friends of the bride and groom. As this is the most popular season to be wed here in the United States, we’ve decided to highlight the most adorable four-legged wedding party members we’ve ever seen!

  • How To Bring Out The Best In Your Dog

    Each pup is destined for greatness. Whether your pup is a couch potato with a devotion to slumber or he has the spirit of an energetic athlete, every dog has a purpose! Through centuries of ancestry traced, your furry best friend had jobs that specifically catered to his environment and even his physical build. Though any dog will be perfectly content cuddling with his human for hours on end, there are things you can do to make sure your canine is the happiest he can be. DogVacay is going to share some insights depending on what group your pooch may belong to. We encourage you to try them out at home to see your dog get in touch with his roots!

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