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Calling All Dog Lovers! "Dog Tales" Is About To Become Your New Favorite Podcast

Love dogs? Love podcasts? Then what are you waiting for? Listen now to Dog Tales, a Parcast original on Spotify.

OK, you love podcasts, right?

And who doesn't love a cutesy-wootsy pupperooni?

If your answer to the two previous questions was "Heck yeah!"...

...then it's time for you to meet Dog Tales.

Dog Tales is the new podcast from the Parcast Network that tells stories of heroic dogs throughout history.

Each episode will focus on a different canine who has gone above and beyond their typical best friend duties.

Like Balto, who helped save an entire town from a deadly disease.

And Swansea Jack, the king of aquatic rescues.

These pups protect, but most of all, they look cute as heck.

So now you know, there's no excuse to miss Dog Tales, the new podcast from the Parcast Network. Listen now on Spotify.

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