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10 Senior Dogs On Facebook That Are Cooler Than You

Facebook would not be the same without the amazing older dogs we get to know and love that work hard to educate, entertain and add meaning to our lives. Thanks for showing the world how cool senior dogs truly are.

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1. Chubbs the Wampug

Chubbs makes people around the world laugh on a daily basis thanks in large part to her (yes Chubbs is a lady) awesome costumes: Wampug, Banthapug, Freddie Pugger etc. She also appreciates any and all snackies so don't visit empty-handed.


4. Harley

Harley had a really tough start to life being in a puppy mill which caused a long long list of heath issues for this poor little fella. Now Harley is not only adored by his family, but by thousands of friends as well. When he is not stealing our hearts on Facebook, he is busy traveling around the U.S. speaking out against puppy mills.

6. Spike Taylor

Spike likes to defy the odds. Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, he has already lived years beyond expectations. For Spike it's all about quality time with his family and fans (and there are a lot of them) while he continues to teach people the joys of rescuing a dog - "adopt, don't shop" - right Spike?

7. Lil Olive

Putting 12 years of puppy mill life behind her, sweet Olive is being rewarded through a new beginning with a wonderful family. While enjoying her new life, Olive is committed to teaching people how bad puppy mills really are in hopes of preventing others from having the life she once had. With those days behind her it is nothing but happiness ahead and I wouldn't want to miss a minute of it.

8. The Bumblesnot

Snort, snort, snort, Bumblesnot is here. Bacon, some disgusting (but somehow adorable) habits, younger siblings that cross the line and a social media affair with Pixie, will keep you entertained to no end. Thanks Bumble for not being afraid to be YOU!

9. Sammy the Cocker Spaniel

Sweet Sammy was an abused dog brought in by his former owner in a garbage bag, close to death. His recovery and his family's fight for justice has captured the hearts of thousands as we went from horror to joy, watching Sammy find health, love and happiness in his new life.

10. Teddy

Big things really do come in small packages - just ask Teddy. A Kansas puppy mill survivor who is also helping to raise awareness and money, so one day we won't have to worry about these horrible places ever again. Since he has found freedom, he has also found love and lots of it with his new family where he is safe, happy and stealing the show.

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