10 Awesome Senior Dogs You Need To Follow On Instagram

Why should puppies get all the attention when there are adorable, sweet oldies stealing hearts and making us laugh?

1. The Bumblesnot

This snorting senior could very well be taking over Instagram with his love for bacon, his well secured spot on the couch despite the efforts of his siblings, and his gross yet adorable habits that make everyone who stumbles upon Bumble fall in love.

2. Candy

The sweet Shih-Tzu knows how to enjoy life even at 17 years old! Looking good Candy!

3. Mabel

Mabel loves her food and we love Mabel! Who could resist that face! :)

4. Elvis

Elvis lives! So handsome and loyal, Elvis is possibly taking over Europe.

5. Tig and Roxanne

Life just seems to be one big adventure for this pair of adorable sisters.

6. Dozer

A face that you just want to cover with kisses. Dozer, they may take your teeth, but they will never take your spirit!

7. Sassy

One look into her eyes and you’ll be a Sassy fan for life!

8. Buffy

Known by many names - Buffy, Gruffalo, Buffaroll and even Buffaritto, this unbelievably cute senior is my pick for best up and comer!

9. Daphne and Ozzy

While Daphne is almost twice Ozzy’s age, she does a great job keeping up with her younger brother. Love the grey muzzles!

10. Maddy

Maddy knows that you don’t have to be a puppy to get into mischief, especially when you have an adorable face to get you out of any trouble.

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