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What Does Your Suit Say About Your Personality?

The way you dress is an artistic expression of who you are, what you like and what you do. So what does your suit say about you?

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The Three Piece Suit:

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You are a haughty perfectionist. Your three piece is a statement of affluence and taste. Your shoes are so well polished, when you look down you can tediously rake your fine-toothed comb through your DiCaprio slick-back. You drive a fully restored vintage car and opt for cologne that is so strong it is not suitable for the faint of heart. You drink espressos out of tiny cups and channel Clooney in all other walks of life. You adorn a golden timepiece to match your suit and your bank account.

Double Breasted Windowpane:

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You exude Wolf of Wall Street magnetism. You’re a racy bad boy who only drinks hard liquor. You grow the most well-defined facial hair. You are extremely tenacious and cut corners to get what you want. You work in stocks and drive a Jaguar.

The Navy Blue:

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The acclaimed navy blue suit has withstood the test of time, and so have you. You are trustworthy, reliable and punctual – the kind of man every girl dreams of. Your weekends are spent on family hiking trips coupled with birdwatching. You are Mr Nice Guy, and always there to lend a helping hand. Your casual wear consists of sweater vests and button ups and you are always clean-shaven.

The Statement Blazer:

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You want people to ask about your blazer so you can introduce them to the world of ethical fibres, because caring about the environment is cool. You are loud and flamboyant, and an absolute trend-setter. You own chinos in every colour because there shouldn’t be an end to the mix and match of blazers and always order the most unusual item on the menu to be interesting.

Retro Tweed:

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You are either a prototype hipster or recovering from a mid-life crisis. You thoroughly enjoy drinking fruity pale ales and spend too much money on beard oils. Your retro tweed suit is accompanied by a feather spawning felt hat and you think patterned socks are the greatest fashion statement since suede elbow patches. You eat a solely plant based diet from your own backyard yet you drive a fuel guzzling Harley to work. The only sport you play is snooker with a nip of rum in hand.

The Pastel Suit:

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You are an Instagram fiend whose life worth rests in the hands of your followers. You love taking business out of the office because every coffee date is an #OOTD opportunity. You definitely play croquet and thoroughly enjoy a fedora. You adore paisley, and know the difference between gingham, tartan and plaid.

The Linen Suit:

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You grew up sailing on yachts wearing straw hats and Ralph Lauren polos. You play a healthy combination of tennis, polo and golf and have a million dollar smile. The light linen colours impeccably match your sun-kissed skin and bleach blonde hair. You’re great with the ladies and drink martinis (shaken not stirred) barefoot by the pool.

Blazer and V-Neck Tee:

You embody Casual Fridays and own many pairs of athleisure footwear. You are young, fearless, and enterprising. You feel shackled by the constraints of modern corporate life and seek something more liberating. You are a party animal and everyone’s favourite at staff parties.

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