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Dumplings From Around The World

We all have our different variations of a dumpling, but have you ever wondered how it various throughout the world? Dumplings are small savoury balls of dough, which may be boiled, fried, or baked, and are prepared differently all around the world.

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Also called the Coxinha, the popular Brazilian dumpling often acts as an appetizer, which are eaten on special occasions. Deep fried and filled with a creamy chicken salad type mixture, you don’t want to miss this delicious street food next time you visit Brazil.



Home to the first dumplings made, Chinese dumplings usually consist of a mixture of various minced meats and vegetables, enclosed and steamed in a dough wrapper or just fried. Cooked in a multi-level steamer and can be served individually, or paired with another food.

United States


If you find yourself in America, you’ll find various popular dumplings. Spoonful of dough are dropped, and boiled, in what is typically a stew. A very popular dish is chicken and dumplings.



The African style dumpling closely resembles a Chinese dumpling, although is more of a starchy ball of dough, rather than a casing. They are made with fermented cornmeal and popularly cooked in banana leaves.



India also have various versions that can be qualified as dumplings. One of the more common dumplings is Guija, which are a sweeter dumpling made with wheat flour and stuffed with Khoya, which is like dried milk.



Ravioli and tortellini fit the basic definition of a dumpling: these are pockets of pasta enclosing various fillings (cheese, mushrooms, spinach, seafood, or meat). Instead of being made from a ball of dough, the dough is rolled flat, cut into a shape, filled with other ingredients, and then the dough is closed around the filling.

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