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Mar 1, 2020

If You're A Cat Owner, This Quiz Will Reveal What Your Cat's Secret Superpower Is

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Super-Cat! Get down from there this instant!

What color is your cat?
Where's your cat's favorite napping place?
What kind of food does your cat prefer?
  • Wet
    Getty Images
  • Pâté
    Getty Images
  • Dry
    Getty Images
  • Human food
    Getty Images
What would be your cat's human job?
  • School principal
    Getty Images/Austin Allie
  • International spy
    Getty Images/Austin Allie
  • Pilot
    Getty Images/Austin Allie
  • Track runner
    Getty Images/Austin Allie
Does your cat like getting bathed?
  • Suprisingly, yes
    Getty Images
  • It's the last thing on earth they want to do
    Getty Images
  • They have to be in the mood for it
    Getty Images
  • Depends on the person giving them the bath
    Getty Images
Does you cat like being indoors or outdoors?
And lastly, if your cat could talk, what would they say to you?
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