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    12 Luxury Dog Beds That Will Make Your Jaw Drop And Your Wallet Empty!

    What is the most luxurious dog items you have ever purchased for your dog? Would you ever spend $3,500 on a dog bed made of Crystals or $10,000 on a bed that looks like the Eiffel Tower? We have gathered some of the world's most expensive, luxurious dog beds on the markets and we want to share them with you.

    1. Large Imperial Crystal Dog Bed by Hello Doggie.

    2. The Notre Palais - The only one in the world!

    3. PEACHES N' CREME Princess Pet Bed

    4. Parisian Dog Bed, Cal King

    5. Hollywood Dreams Pink Bed

    6. Custom Swarovski Dog Bed

    7. Macassar Ebony Inlaid Custom Dog Bed

    8. Serenity Dog Bed

    9. Charles Lushear Retro Dog Bed

    10. Eiffel Tower Luxury Dog Bed

    11. Crystal Couture Dog Bed Prima Donna

    12. Haute House Harlow Cuddle Dog Bed