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13 Dating Profile Pic Snap Judgments

It's hard not to get a little jaded after reading one too many dating profiles. Let's just look at cute pictures of dogs instead!

DogFriendzy 6 years ago

Pitbulls Are Just Like Us

Pitbulls put their pants on one leg at a time, there's just 4 of them.

DogFriendzy 6 years ago

25 Dogs with Birthday Ennui

Sure, we're all getting older, but some of us take it harder than others. These dogs wax philosophical on what it means, in dog years, to spin around the Sun one more time.

DogFriendzy 6 years ago

10 Reasons Boston Terriers Are The New Corgi

Sure Corgis are adorable little fluffy 'tocked floppers, but they are getting a little overexposed in the media these days. If you too are ready for a new 'it' dog - allow me to present the Boston Terrier - equally short, playful, and adorable, but with a snazzy tuxedo and buggy little eyes!

DogFriendzy 6 years ago