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10 Ways Getting A Puppy Is Like Having A Baby

Puppies might be tiny and cute, but they are serious business. Make sure your puppy gets its proper nutrition with Puppy Chow® Brand Puppy Food.

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1. You'll definitely find yourself talking about pooping and peeing more often than you'd (probably) like.


But who could stay upset with a face like this?

2. Your sleep schedule will never be the same.


Until your puppy is as old as you are (in dog years, of course).

3. Despite previous agreements, you might start making exceptions to house rules.


Do YOU look that cute when you fall asleep on the couch?

4. Your puppy demands your constant attention.


Nature AND nurture, y'all.

5. Other pets might get jealous that all your attention is focused on the new puppy.


(And occasionally, that the puppy's attention is too focused on them, too.)

6. All anyone will be able to talk about is your new puppy.

Caspar Lee / / Via

Fortunately, that's all you're trying to do as well.

7. You'll have to puppy-proof your home.


We will never know whether babies or puppies like teething more.

8. You'll spend all your money on them.


How many toys does one puppy need? That's actually a rhetorical question.

9. You'll develop a whole new language just for your puppy.


Puppy talk and baby talk are basically the same.

10. And most of all, no matter what they do, you'll love them forever.


It's not just puppy love, y'all.

Puppies, like babies, have special nutritional needs.

You wouldn't feed your newborn like an adult — so why do that with your puppy? Puppy Chow® Brand Puppy Food is specially formulated to give puppies exactly what they need for proper growth and development. Get great tips on raising your puppy here.