Dogand P.
we are: (in no particular order) Chris Olivieri, Carlo Montagnino, Andrew Sotiriou, Tavis "The Lobsterman", Mike Bongiorno, Damian Thomas, Brendan "The Talent" Lyons, FLAM, Dave Pacheco, Emilio Sparks, Vin "Futureboy 3001" Noe, "The Mighty" Vin Fo...
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  • Presenting Chatroullete Users W/ Themselves

    Using Manycam, Carlo Montagnino of thought it may be interesting to present the users he encounters with a video of themselves. He found that there are 2 primary users of chatroullete, those who are looking to “entertain” their “partner” and those who are looking to be “entertained” by their partner. Presenting these users with themselves threw a wrench in their expectations and provided him with some interesting results. Watch Video ›

  • Real Life Jedi Mind Tricks With Derren Brown.

    Have you ever wanted to pay for goods and services with plain paper? Have you ever wanted to hand in a losing lotto ticket and still get paid? Have you ever dreamed of beating 9 chessmasters simultaneously? Derrin Brown can.

  • True Blood is Overrated - False Blood Is Where It’s At

    True Blood is on HBO on Sunday Nights. As more and more people get drawn into the world of Vampires and the Supernatural… Things such as Twilight and True Blood have turned it into love / soft core Vampire Porn… True Blood is an addictive show, more addicting than “V” itself … Crazy story lines, aimed to get you to stay interested and chuckle … I often find myself saying “that is beyond redicilous” or “this acting is meant to be funny” or even just out right saying, “HAhaHA” as i laugh at it …. AND as well ALL know… i find myself calling everyone SOOKIE! … not just calling them SOOKIE but saying it as an angry Bill Compton… This is how i see the show going if i were in charge of it all… Enjoy! Pass it to others… SET IT AS YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS… Subscribe. give it 5 STARS… CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS … Snow Flake (music videos and Documentary) and the Guido 3000 Series… MORE TO COME ON THIS CHANNEL, so make your way back … Oh yeah… did i mention, Tell a friend or 2 or 6500 people …its all good ;) All Characters played by: John Matland Watch Video ›

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