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A Tribute To The T.V. Show That Ended In 2013

As the year comes to a close, it's important to take a moment to remember the good friends we've lost along the way. Whether those friends were meth dealers or paper salesmen or serial killers that kill other serial killers, they were all important to our lives. Here's a look at some of our favorite television shows that ended in 2013.

DOG AND PONY SHOW 6 years ago

Breaking Bad Tribute Video, In The Style Of Seinfeld’s ‘Time Of Your Life’ Montage

Before we say anything else, there ARE spoliers in this. If you're not completely caught up. Don't push play. With television’s best series ending on Sunday night, we (Damian Thomas and Chris Olivieri) thought it would be fun to make a Breaking Bad tribute video in the style of that famous "Time of Your Life" clip from the Seinfeld finale. Thanks, Breaking Bad you made our Sundays pretty good.

DOG AND PONY SHOW 6 years ago

The World Actually Ended Last Night In Annapolis, Maryland

video proof that the world was coming to an end in Annapolis, Maryland last night, but apparently the disaster was mysteriously averted. Some of us here at the DAPS office believe if was Santa Claus who saved the day, because an apocalypse would totally ruin his holiday!

DOG AND PONY SHOW 7 years ago

In Memoriam Bacon

Bacon will soon be gone forever. (Not really, but could you imagine if it were?) :(

DOG AND PONY SHOW 7 years ago

Red Bull And Vodka Jello Shots

COLLEGE!!! Just in time for Labor Day weekend, and more importantly the start of the new college semester, DAPS is here to provide you with the next big thing in drinking.

DOG AND PONY SHOW 7 years ago

Kids In 1995 Predict The Internet

Back in 1995, Val Kilmer was Batman, TLC was warning about chasing Waterfalls, and a wacky fad called “the internet” was creeping into our collective consciousness. The funny thing was, not everyone was hip to it.

DOG AND PONY SHOW 7 years ago

Pulp Fighter II

Pulp Fiction is so action packed that it was only a matter of time before someone suggested that it be turned into a fighting game. This graphic, which is a T-Shirt design by graphic illustrator Filippo Morini, mashes up 90s classic Street Fighter II and Tarantino's Pulp Fiction. The two meld together beautifully.

DOG AND PONY SHOW 7 years ago

Skrillex In Reverse

If you've ever wondered if dubstep is any different when played backwards... it's not.

DOG AND PONY SHOW 7 years ago