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The 15 Levels Of Being A Badass

Not all badasses are created equal. Here's a handy scale to help you figure out what qualifies, brought to you by Dodge Dart.

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1. Finding yourself in an embarrassing situation and making a subtle escape.

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Badass Level: 1.7

Not ideal, but even the craftiest ninja had to start somewhere.

2. Sticking the landing after a less-than-stellar parkour routine.


Badass Level: 2.5

Confidence is key. Keep trying.

3. Casually tipping over a sign.


Badass Level: 2.6

Mildly rebellious.

4. Balancing on your fingertips.


Badass Level: 5.0

This is the exact midpoint of badassery.

5. Taking off on a skateboard bounce-flip.


Badass Level: 6.1

You get a few bonus points if you're still doing this in your old age.

6. Avoiding a ticket with a sweet parking job.


Badass Level: 6.4

You, too, can be too fast and too furious.

7. Good old-fashioned breakdancing!


Badass Level: 7.2

This has been racking up the cool points for decades.

8. Surfing with a wild animal.


Badass Level: 7.7

The bigger the animal, the better. This guy with the alpaca is setting the bar pretty high.

9. Kite surfing over an island.


Badass Level: 7.9

The coolness of surfing combined with the coolness of flying, but minus a few points for flying a kite.

10. Jumping off a building with no parachute.


Badass Level: 8.1

Stellar parkour and a stellar landing.

11. Russian police officers running a SWAT exercise.


Badass Level: 8.4

It's like a real-life action movie.

12. Headbanging by a campfire.


Badass Level: 8.9

The longer, the better. These guys kept it going for over 48 hours.

13. Driving a go-kart through a flaming pile of boxes.


Badass Level: 9.0

Pure ingenuity and superb execution.

14. Feeding a crocodile by hand.


Badass Level: 9.3

And living.

15. Pumping iron while poppin' a wheelie on a motorcycle.


Badass Level: 9.7

This currently holds the record as the most badass thing that has ever happened.

You might not become a badass overnight, but Dodge Dart can certainly speed up the process.

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