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12 Tech Hacks To Make Your Life Just A Little Bit Easier

Master your technologic destiny. Let's get ~technical~ with the 2014 Dodge Dart.

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1. Access your computer anywhere with remote desktop software.

Apple's Back to My Mac is a good place to start. If you're not a Mac user, there are a ton of other options out there for you, like VPN.

2. Create a log-in sound to wake up in style.


4. Use If This Then That to create automations that work for you!

IFTTT allows you to create custom scripts (or just implement pre-made concoctions) that will help you simplify your life. From automatically uploading any photo you take on Instagram to your DropBox to receiving personalized weather reports via text or email every morning, with IFTTT anything is possible.

5. Use cloud services like DropBox and Office 365 to store your documents remotely.


That way if you ever want to access your files on the go OR if something drastic happens like your hard drive crashes, you will always have your files in a safe place!

7. Write a script to cause your laptop to snap a photo every time it's opened as a theft-preventive measure.

You can then have those photos uploaded to a cloud service so you can access them remotely and see who's been using your compy.