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10 Simple Ways To Soup Up Your Car

Make your car fast and furious.

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1. A turbocharger will take your speed ceiling into the next dimension.

Turbochargers improve your engine by increasing the amount of air that's driven to the combustion chamber. This in turn increases how quickly the propeller can turn, and thusly the amount of fuel that is fed to the combustion chamber as well.

6. Get tires to suit your needs.

Different types of tires will provide different pros and cons, but once you decide on the specific type of traction you need (think precision vs. drifting), you can then make the best choice for what's right for you.

7. When you have $$$ to burn, just go ahead and throw a new engine in there.

Getty Images/ Thorsten Harris

Your engine is the central powerhouse of your car and is the main indicator of how well it performs overall. Don't skimp in this category.

8. A short throw shifter will help you change gears even faster (and more furiously).


Ever wish you could change gears like even more of a boss? Well, now you can by adding a short throw shifter mod to your car to give you maximum control.

9. Aftermarket seats will put you in the lap of luxury.

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Consider upgrading your seats so you can get that authentic race car feel. You're worth it. Take it to the next level by getting custom upholstery instead.

10. And, if all else fails, get a device that will make your ride at least sound like it's packing a punch.


Products like the Vroom Box are designed to help you fake it till you make it. It plays pre-recorded sounds of real muscle cars revving their engines and starting up.