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What It's Like Being Hungry In The Morning

I do love food more than I love people.

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Presuming you set the alarm the night before, you don't wake up until it rings

The alarm then rings... Oh great(!) You then decide that you are going to go back to sleep

An hour later, you *finally* get up, but that is a struggle

When you do get out of bed, you are hungry. You NEED food.

When you get to the fridge, you find the ultimate horror: it's empty!

You have to think fast! Food- where get?

Of course! Your reliable and trusty best friend! You ring them up to ask for food they can bring round

They say NO! What are you going to do? You're going to DIEEEEEEE!

You are lying on the floor, and your roomate comes into the room like:


Guess what? You are not going to die!

Your roomate has just come home from doing some food shopping and is willing to cook food!

After waiting what seems like an eternity, brunch is served!

You thank Oprah for this miracle, and, before you start eating, you smell the glorious creation in front of you

Smells like Heaven! The food is so heavenly, that it brings tears to your eyes!

Preach it with me, Oprah.

You then eat like no one is watching!

You can now continue life as a happy bunny

Well, until you are hungry again...

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