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27 Gifs That Sum Up Your School Life

This list is BANTEEEER!

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1. When you are watching a film in class, and a kissing scene comes up

"Where do I look?"

2. When you lose your jumper, so you go to lost property and sniff out which one is yours (as you don't have your name on it)

3. When the teacher calls you up to the front to share your work

4. When you try to hide from a teacher, when they are picking people to read aloud

5. When you have a supply teacher

6. But, it turns out to be a really bad supply

7. When your teacher bombs you with a suprise test

8. When you lend a pen to someone, and you never see it again

*Death stares into Bob's soul until he realizes that he still has your pen*

9. When the teacher decides that it's time for a change of seating plan, and you are praying that you get put next to your friend

10. When you see the new Year 7s

I wasn't that small...

11. When the teacher thinks that you are not listening, so they ask you to repeat what they just said, but you say it word to word.

12. When you realise that a teacher said the same thing to every parent, about every child, at parent's evening

13. When a fellow student uses the "banter" excuse, when humiliating you

"Nah, don't worry bruv, it's only BAN-TER"

14. When you are walking up the stairs, and there is someone behind you, and you trip

Then you try to act really casual, like nothing happened.

15. When that kid reminds the teacher about homework, at the end of the lesson

"Damn you, Brian!"

16. When you have no homework

17. When the summer term had ended

18. When your mates are being told off, and you are like:

19. When you and your friend were caught doing something sketchy, and you are running like hell away from the teacher

20. When you are watching a video

21. When you are walking out of an exam, and everyone is conferring answers, and you realise that you got a question wrong

"Well, I'm screwed!"

22. When your friends tell you to turn around, only to find a buttocks in your face

*Killing you in my mind*

23. When someone you don't like gets in trouble

24. When your favourite teacher tells you off

*lying in bed* "But why, sir, WHYYYYY??!!"

25. When someone farts

I can't smell i- *faints*

26. When you and your friends are at the stairs, trying to avoid teachers

27. When someone calls the teacher "mum"

Picard is not impressed

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