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    16 Reasons You Quit Being Pre-Med

    Because what the hell were you thinking?

    1. You couldn't stand the sight of blood.

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    2. You weren't a good enough artist to draw your way through an organic chemistry test.

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    3. You didn't think your lifestyle would ever be healthy enough to set a good example.

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    4. Your social life was suffering.

    5. You didn't think you'd be able to listen to patients' problems all day.

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    6. You couldn't handle dissecting a fetal pig, let alone a human cadaver.

    7. No one gave you a sufficient explanation as to why a doctor needs to learn physics.

    8. You couldn't afford the med school application fees, let alone the med school tuition.

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    9. You always hit the metal sides when you play Operation.

    10. You didn't think you could take a sexual history without giggling.

    11. You're not comfortable with death and dying.

    12. The pressure was getting to you.

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    13. You realized you could never wake up early enough to be a doctor.

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    14. You looked around your chemistry class and realized you were the only normal person.

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    15. You wanted your sanity back.

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    16. Sick people gross you out.