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11 Holiday Moments That Matter Most

Spend the holidays with those who are near and dear. Happy Holidays from Dockers.

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1. Ringing in the season right by trimming the tree with the fam.

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Just don't get too carried away!

2. Enjoying your first glass of eggnog with your crew.

Toast to cold drinks and toasty fires!
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Toast to cold drinks and toasty fires!

3. Dancing the night away at your office holiday party.

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Have a little fun and let loose with your favorite co-workers.

4. Only eating cookies and hot chocolate all day just because it's the holidays and you can do whatever you want.


Get it IN!

5. Yelling along to your favorite Christmas songs whenever they come on no matter where you are!

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6. Hosting a holiday brunch for you and your favorite peeps.

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"On three! 1...2...3...BRUNCH!"

7. Participating in Secret Santa and buying crazy prank gifts for your friends because you know they're worth it.

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Everybody better watch out. Prank gifts alert!

8. Chilling in the snow for the first time with the family pet.


Rudolph may not be able to join in on those reindeer games, but that ain't gonna stop your dog.

9. Seeing which one of you and your friends can grow the biggest and bushiest Santa-esque beards.

Ho ho...oh no!
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Ho ho...oh no!

10. Passing out after Christmas dinner because your tryptophan levels are just too high.


The family room can't even handle you right now.

11. And obviously working off all that holiday fat in the gym once it's all over.


Lol not!

No matter how you do it, celebrate in style with Dockers.

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