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    • docde

      The United Nations are an enormous and most complex organization, run by human beings encumbered by political realities. Human beings make mistakes. Every day isadifficult one at the UN. The whistle blower function of investigative journalism is almostanecessity in an organization of the size of the UN. While the big media journalists may have become indolent in their (deemed) safe jobs, everybody else isastruggler. And that produces the interesting insights and questions. Both UNCA and FUNCA havearight to exist ’ side by side in peace and security ‘.Iwas told, that there are approximately 2000 accredited journalists at the UN. There is no reason why 200 of them, who payasmall nominal fee to their ‘club’, should have privileges over all others. UNCA has been badly mismanaged for far too long, the results become apparent now. The skirmish about the ‘right’ of the first question, the pissant branding of each and every press conference with ‘on behalf of’ have exceeded tolerable levels.. They becameacircus andacomplete farce. It is up to the UN to tell both parties to stop this..UNCA and FUNCA can hold their events and fight their fights outside the UN. One can question the needfulness of SG Ban Ki-moon’s travel to San Marino, Andorra and Monaco. But maybe he thinks small is beautiful. It can be. But first Lee has to clean up his office and his reputation if he wants to attract new members.

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