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    The Top Ten Most Famous And Fabulous Pink Diamonds Of All Time

    Pink.... A color normally associated with little girls and cheesy 90's pop-music – but also with pretty jaw-dropping diamonds (especially if you see the price that some of these sold for!). Here is a list of the "Ten Most Famous (and FABULOUS!) Pink Diamonds". Because sometimes we all need a little distraction from work.....

    1. Martian Pink

    2. The Condé - This just SOUNDS expensive!

    3. The Pink Orchid

    4. The Hortensia (OLE!)

    5. Nur-Ul-Ain (pronounced "nur" - "ul" - "ain")

    6. The Darya-i-Nur

    7. The Graff Pink

    8. Princie Pink (Because "Prince" and "Pink" don't really go together)

    9. The Agra Diamond

    10. and finally....the Pink Dream (sounds like something from Carebears or Telletubbies?!)

    So that's it.. I hope that you laughed, cried and then laughed again. By now, I am sure that you are just sick to the stomach at the thought of anything pink....but if not, be sure to check out Leibish & Co. - who know way too much about pink diamonds (or any color for that matter)!