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Things You Can Expect If You've Made A New Friend Who Grew Up In Hawai'i

Things are different on the Mainland.

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2. Roadkill will likely shock and horrify us to an extent that might surprise you.

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If we've never seen a live squirrel, we've never seen a dead one. Or dead raccoon. Or dead deer. Or any dead animal that is not a bird, cat, or (on rare occasion) dog. And as we have fewer than five interstates (yes, Hawai'i has interstates), with 60mph being the maximum posted limit (used to be 55), roadkill is not something many of us have had to face.

5. And Spam is probably Pig, right? We love our Pigs.


As an animal not native to the islands with no natural predators, pigs cause serious damage to the forests, birds, and ecosystem in general. Solution? Eat the pigs.

11. Everyone is an Uncle, Auntie, or Cuz.

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This just plays into the whole respecting your elders things and Ohana meaning Family, which means "never having to say you're sorry." Just kidding, that's Love Story.

It means "nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten." -Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.


Of course there will be other oddities, but a friend from Hawai'i is a friend indeed. Hawai'i isn't just famous for its leis, food, beaches, and rainbows. Hospitality and Aloha are things these Pacific Islanders take special pride in.

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